International Community IPW welcomes families from all over the world and embraces the international community. We love to teach about different holidays and customs while parents enjoy sharing traditions unique to their culture. We create opportunities for families to meet and learn together as an international community.

Academic Excellence-We provide a challenging academic program for our students taught exclusively in English from American curriculum. In addition, our staff draws from their own expertise to engage children in a fun and enjoyable learning environment.

Character EducationWe emphasize friendship, community, teamwork, and diversity with a special focus on creating and maintaining positive relationships among peers. Friendships are very important at IPW.

Service to FamiliesWe are committed to our families, securing trust by listening and responding as well as offering flexibility and support at all times.

For over 50 years, the mission of IPW, has been to nurture and promote the intellectual abilities, creative talents, language skills, and over-all educational growth of our children. We fulfill this mission by providing a safe, encouraging, and caring educational environment where our students feel secure and confident.

The goal of our approach is our children leave IPW with:

*Strong tools and language skills for academic success

*Positive character skills in preparation for teamwork and building future friendships.

*A solid and strong foundation to be successful in their next learning environment.