IPW employs an American native speaking Angielski Director, as well as an international Angielski speaking Assistant Director, teachers, and teachers’ assistants. In Addition, IPW has art and music class, a drama class, dance class, and gymnastics class.

We are a cohesive, close, and friendly team of professionals who are committed to providing a fun, safe, and positive learning environment for our students. All of the teachers are certified and attend yearly professional development training to maximize Their abilities to address the needs of international students.

Director-Alexandra Guerin

Alexandra Guerin, began her professional career as a child care provider then advanced her career as a medical professional with a focus in physiology. Her love for children lead her to become a patient advocate in the medical care setting, areas ranging from Home healthcare, Children with disabilities and Special Olympics. Alexandra has been extensively involved as a community activist spreading knowledge for the mentally and physically disabled. With an undergraduate degree in business management she went on to work for big corporation ESPN in marketing. As she advanced in graduate studies for business administration she continued her involvement in educating families of children with disabilities. She is truly happy to have joined the IPW family.


Assistant Director and Teacher in Owl Class-Iza

Iza has been working with IPW since 1996. She has been assistant director and head teacher of our Kindergarten Owls class since the beginning. Iza has passion for educating young children. From her experience, she strongly believes that the beginning of education is a very important step in life for children that leads them to future education and happier lifestyle.
Iza graduated with a Masters Degree in pedagogy in the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw. She also attended a Teacher Training Center for International Educators in London and completed classes about Skillful Teaching for Early Childhood Education. Iza has spent some time as a volunteer in a Summer Program in GeeWeze Center in Sarasota, Florida, USA.



Teacher for Tiggers Class-Ewa P.

Eva has been working at the IPW and a continuously since 1991. She completed her studies at the Technical School of Nutrition and Technology, although she is a nutrition specialist by profession, with a passion for cooking (especially at our preschool)

Message from Ewa P- “I am very glad to be a teacher’s helper in our Tiggers class (2 – 3 years old). Working with children has been my dream since childhood. I feel privileged to work at IPW, as working with children coming from different countries and cultures is very interesting. I love spending time and nurturing children. The IPW children are my pride and joy, and I love watching them grow and learn.”


Teacher for Tiggers Class-Kasia

Kasia Became a part of The IPW family in 2002 and has been working here for 12 years. She work jointly with Eve and Patricia to make up the Tiggers team. Kasia loves to work with children and can not imagine doing anything else other than teaching kids.

Message from Kasia- “At IPW I can accomplish my passions like cooking and art as the art and crafts and cooking teacher in all of the classes.We are not only teachers, but friends and my passion is creating smiles everyday for the children at IPW”


Teacher for Tiggers Class- Ewa M.

Ewa is a preschool teacher, art historian and an artistic soul all in one. Education of children is her real passion and joy. She has been teaching children in various capacities since 2012 and started teaching at IPW in 2016. Ewa started as a Musical Babies Method Animator, babysitter, au pair and nursery teacher. She has had a lot of time to share her ideas of crafts, songs, and also circle times. Each day she tries to find a creative way for kids to play, have fun and learn at the same time.

Message from Ewa- “I love to invent manual activities and art for them, constantly I do my best to care about the efficiency of their small hands and great minds. In addition, I strongly believe that by playing with the famous works of art, I foster children, who are interested in the world of Art, are independent, have their own taste and sense of beauty!
Every day at our IPW family I can expand my experience in early childhood education.”


Teacher for Owl Class- Edyta

Edyta has been working at IPW since 2005. For 10 years she was a teacher in the Fish class, and for the last two, she has helped teach in the Kindergarten class and has been working with the 5 and 6 year olds by preparing them for first grade.She graduated from Warsaw University in early childhood pedagogy for teaching and elementary schooling has her Master degree in specialization, furthermore, she is the schools drama teacherEdyta and Iza Nurkiewicz, make a great team teaching kindergarten together. They enjoy sharing their passion about teaching children.  . Edyta enjoys teaching Polish Kindergarten as a part of the curriculum for Polish students going into Polish schools after kindergarten. The class meets the needs of Polish and international children to have a successful transition into any school. Teaching in English is her passion and she is always interested in learning about different languages and working in an international school with children from around the world, all with different cultures, religions and different languages.

Message from Edyta-
“IPW is the best preschool and I am so lucky because I can be part of a great team. We are all like one big family. Children have drama class twice a week as a part of our Resume and I create and design the curriculum myself.”


Teacher for Fish Class-Patrycja

Patrycja graduated from the Academy of Special Education in Warsaw with a BA degree in Pedagogy, specializing in Early Years Teaching. Recently, she completed her education with a Master’s degree. Patrycja has been working with IPW for 4 years as a teacher’s assistant in the Tiggers classroom and is now a teacher in the Fish class.

Message from Patrycja-
“Being with children gives me such happiness and I derive great satisfaction from my work. Working at the preschool is a enormous challenge Which brings something new for me every day. I am a person with a great sense of humor, always very responsible, patient and creative and I always take my job very seriously. I love to smile, read books and ride a bicycle.”

Teacher for Fish Class- Danuta

Danuta has known for quite a long time, that she wanted to be a teacher. She studied Polish Philology and completed a degree from Warsaw University in Pedagogy, specializing in Early Years Teaching. Danuta joined IPW ten years ago, and has spent most of her time with the youngest group (tiggers, 2-3 year olds) and now teaches in the Pre– Kindergarten, Fish class.

Message from Danuta- “Being with children gives me lots of energy and being with them fills me with such a positive attitude that simply makes me happy. Apart from That, I love the ability to work in an international environment with students from different cultural backgrounds. We value each and every child at our school.”


Music &amp Extended Care- Adam

Adam has been working at IPW as a music teacher for 4 years, and as the extended care teacher for three years. He studied jazz guitar classes at Komeda Music School in Warsaw and is also a member of a rock band as guitar player.

Message from Adam- – “My passion is music and I am so happy to teach and share my passion with young children. I love to introduce children to my favorite instrument- classic and electric guitar. Each class has weekly music lessons with me as a part of the curriculum.”

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