Welcome to the Fish class!

The pre-kindergarten program is comprised of students between the ages of 3 -4 years old and is led by two experienced,  enthusiastic, and professional teachers. Our dedicated educational team prepares curriculum that draws inspiration from different programs of study and offers our students a world-class education.

Parent-teacher conferences are offered to foster a positive environment for parental involvement from an early age. A weekly report will be emailed to parents directly regarding the activities and accomplishments of the child each Friday. In addition, teachers are always available with daily updates regarding each individual student. We believe that daily communication and parental involvement is a key element to our success and family-oriented environment at IPW!

Traditional graduation ceremony and Certificates are awarded to our students upon completion of our Pre-Kindergarten program.

Some of the many programs that we integrate into our IPW curriculum:

Curriculum at IPW-Kidz Phonics

Core Curriculum

  • English/Reading
  • Phonics
  • Math
  • Science
  • Learning Centers

    • Creative Arts
    • Dramatic Arts
    • Language Arts
    • Science and Nature
    • Socializing with peers and learning how to interact in a group setting
    • Cooking
    • Reading
    • Sight Words
    • Math Manipulatives
    • Word Creation
    • Create a Story
    • Puzzles

    Specialty Classes and Activities

    • Library
    • Gymnastics
    • Music and Movement/ Dance
    • Music

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!: Five for Friday: Crafty business, fun in the sun and Mr. Chicken!: