IPW has been a great choice for my 2 1/2 year old son. We really liked that the school’s curriculum was based on the States because when we do go back in the future we do not want him falling behind or lost. In the first few weeks he was already counting, telling us the colors, and was trying to sing new songs. It is always hard at the beginning to start your little one in school especially when they are crying for you, but now our son asks for his teachers and wants to stay longer. The teachers have been so great with him and always patient with every circumstance. I also love all the art projects and activities they get to do during the year. It’s fun to see them celebrate the Polish and American Holidays.
Current IPW Parent, USA

Our daughter is 4,5 years old. We are sure that the IPW is a good place to learn and to play for our daughter. Why? Because she often doesn’t want to go home at the afternoon! Our daughter speaks polish at home, so we were afraid that it would be too difficult for her, to be in an English-speaking environment.  Now, after 2 years at IPW, she understands and uses English every day. We recommend IPW especially to polish parents, because of the easy way to learn English, and to all parents, who will see your children happy!
Current IPW Parent, Poland

For me, IPW is family! Being a diplomat in a foreign country makes you long for a warm and nurturing environment. I am so glad to have these well experienced teachers in my children’s lives. IPW teachers know each and every child so well, and know exactly how to help them meet their potential. I could never ask for more. I thank them from the bottom of my heart!
Current IPW Parent, Israel

Absolutely awesome, cosy preschool! Cheerful atmosphere, noisy and active kids, lovely and patient teachers with fantastic command of English. Lots of fun activities for the little ones, with real education (letters, numbers, vocabulary) naturally embedded into the daily routine. Our 2.5 yo brings a new letter every week:) Quite impressive library of English children’s books for the kids to take home. It’s not an ‘everything new and shiny’ style preschool, but what matters most is how the kids and teachers interact with each other and the parents. This preschool definitely nurtures social relations, teaches common sense and stimulates kids with the activities that are most appropriate for their individual development levels. Our family loves it, great job IPW!May 19

Very high standards of teaching. Always happy, smiling Teachers. Kids love this place. And so do parents.April 12

IPW is an amazing preschool with the most magnificent teachers! The children are surrounded by a nurturing environment that helps them learn and grow. They learn in a truly hands on fashion, exploring letters, numbers, painting, gymnastics, drama, music, and more!July 1

Callie White reviewed IPW – International Preschool of Warsaw5 star

IPW has been the greatest preschool I could have chosen for my son. I can say this with certainty because I have visited other schools and it actually made me love IPW even more. Number one, all of the teachers and staff are so excited, happy and smiling everyday. They really love being there and teaching your children. The teachers are so welcoming and sweet to each of their individual needs. The school is flexible with families and always there to make things better for you and your child. It’s a smaller school so you really get to know everyone. The education system is fantastic and the teachers are always planning new things. Many people send their kids there to learn English but even as a native English speaker the school is ideal for us. It’s also not too far from centrum which is a bonus. My son is so excited every day to go to school. He especially loves the extra activities in the afternoons like soccer, language clubs, and many others. We are looking forward to our other son starting there next year.
June 21, 2015 ·

Włodzimierz Grzanka reviewed IPW – International Preschool of Warsaw5 star
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