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The International Preschool of Warsaw (IPW) is private, non-profit IPW preschool that was established by parents of the American Embassy in 1957.

Originally located within the American Embassy building, as the preschool population grew, relocated from Embassy grounds to the Mokotów district of Warsaw.

IPW now operates independently from the Embassy and has opened its doors to the expatriate community at large. Our preeschool has a diverse student body with children from around the world learning English together. Hundreds of students have passed through our doors, honing their English language abilities and learning the social and academic skills necessary to transition easily to every variety of elementary education.

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IPW is located at 24 Kalatówki Street, in the Mokotów district of Warsaw.

  1. Transferability of students’ education across international preschools
  2. A moving population (higher than in national public schools)
  3. Multinational and multilingual student body
  4. An international American curriculum, but with the age of our preschool ending at kindergarten we do not follow PYP
  5. A transient and multinational instructor/director population
  6. Non-selective student enrollment
  7. English speaking instruction

Students are the children or dependents of employees of international businesses, international organizations, foreign embassies, NGO’s, missions, or missionary programs. In addition to the children of expatriates, IPW has local students from the host country attending. IPW is a premier private preschool with a stimulating and engaging environment.

We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 5:30 pm

We are following an American curriculum, developed in the United States, and adapted for our International student body. In Addition, our creative and forward-thinking instructors draw from their own expertise and experience to engage their students in the exciting adventure of learning. Our instructors are extremely skilled in creating an environment where learning is fun, engaging and interesting to all students.

All classes are taught in English.

TIGGERS Preschool                     2500 PLN
FISH PreKindergarten                  2400 PLN
OWLS Kindergarten                    2400 PLN

There is a 10% discount for families having more than one child attending IPW or a 10% discount on fees paid for the whole year and made out no later than August 20th.

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Iza Nurkiewicz
In IPW since 1996

I have been the director of IPW since 2020, before that, I worked as a teacher for children aged 5 and 6. I graduate from Maria Grzegorzewska Academy with a Bachelor of Pedagogy.  I really like working with children, and sharing joy and love with them, it gives me a lot of happiness and satisfaction.  I am also very pleased to be a director for such a unique place as IPW, and to share my passion with employees and parents.  I love being useful and helpful to our Preschool.

Edyta Nowotka
Owls class instructor
In IPW since 2006

I graduated from the Higher Pedagogical School in Warsaw with my Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with Pedagogical Therapy, then went on to earn my Master of Early Childhood Education (University of Warsaw).
Teaching is my life’s passion and I love being around children. I can describe myself as friendly, enthusiastic, and respectful. As a instructor, we can easily get respect from children if they would feel respected first. Words that can describe me as a instructor are: creative, passionate, caring, grateful, energetic, excited, and motivated.

Beena Jadeja
Owls class assistant
In IPW since 2020

I have completed my Bachelor in Business Management & Economics. I have experience in working as a Teacher in India for 4 years & in Poland for 5 years. I would like to share my academic knowledge & experience. Proud to be part of IPW Team.

Danuta Guzera
Fish class instructor
In IPW since 2007

My work has always been a great passion for me. My goal is to support children’s development in every area from gross to fine motoric, linguistic, cognitive, emotional, and social skills, therefore, my students are always engaged in exploring, discovering, imagining, discussing, playing, and bonding with friends. Besides regular classes, I organize and conduct a Book Club, Sensory Club, Summer Camp, various workshops, and online classes.
I hold a Master’s degree in Polish Philology. In 2012 I graduated from the Faculty of Education at the University of Warsaw specializing in Early Childhood Education and Pedagogical Therapy of Children with Learning Difficulties, in 2020 I gained a Bachelor’s degree in Teaching English Language at the Warsaw University

Patrycja Dębińska
Fish class instructor
In IPW since 2014

I graduated from Akademia Pedagogiki Specjalnej im. Marii Grzegorzewskiej in Warsaw and I specialized in Pre-school Education, Early School Education, and Corrective Pedagogy. In my work, I always try to be creative and open to new methods of teaching. I focus on the social and emotional development of children. I love animals, especially dogs, reading books, and cycling. Apart from regular classes, I organize a Science and Engineering Class, Book Club, Summer Camp, and various Workshops.

Swati Thakare
Tiggers class assistant
In IPW since 2022

I hold a master’s degree in Computer Application. Currently living in Poland. I have professional experience in teaching and training, joined IPW as instructor in Feb-2022.

Ewa Parulska
Tiggers class assistant
In IPW since 1992

I am connected with IPW since the 1992 year, where I held various functions. I have been working as a instructor’s assistant in the Tiggers class since 2006. I am a nutrition technician by education. I love working with children, it gives me a lot of joy to be with them and share my joy and enthusiasm with them. I am always ready to help and cooperate with children, parents and my colleagues.

Kasia Wągrodzka
Tiggers class instructor
In IPW since 2002

I studied pedagogy at the University of Warsaw. Working with children is my passion and professional life path, which I have been consistently following at IPW for over 20 years, accompanying little kids in discovering and learning about the surrounding reality. Every day I try to make children smile, support them and surround them with love. I love art and cooking, which I try to infect children with.

Madhavi Purohit
Afternoon instructor
In IPW since 2019

I have a bachelor’s degree in Electronics & Communication with 10+ years of prior experience in the teaching and IT industry. I am passionate about early childhood education and adore working with preschoolers.
My daily goal is to make sure that every child knows that he or she is completely loved and seen; we all learn best when we can explore and take risks from a place of total acceptance.
In my free time, I enjoy reading, crafting and traveling.

Alicja Szumarska
Afternoon assistant
In IPW since 2022
I graduated from the University of Warsaw with a bachelor’s degree in logopedics. Children’s creativity is the thing I like the most in my job, students can always surprise me with their imagination. The other thing that is amazing is observing children’s emotional and social skills progress over the months.
Kasia Pietrucha
Afternoon assistant
In IPW since 2022
I studied at the University of Warsaw, studying sociology. I worked for the Polish Humanitarian Organization of the Polish Humanitarian Organization and for other organizations. I taught children English and I also did Polish-English translations. I really like working with children at IPW, I learn from them every day and I am glad that I can share my joy and enthusiasm with them. Children are our treasure.

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