Our programs

2-3 Years

The preschool class is comprised of students from 2-3 years old and is led by three experienced, professional and nurturing instructors. Our staff are whole-heartedly dedicated to providing a positive and warm environment to ensure students will have a wonderful introduction to their educational years.

3-4 Years

The pre-kindergarten program is comprised of students between the ages of 3-4 years old and is led by two experienced,  enthusiastic, and professional instructors. Our dedicated educational team prepares curriculum that draws inspiration from different programs of study and offers our students a world-class education.

5-6 Years

Our kindergarten program is comprised of students between the ages of 5-6 years old and is led by two creative, dynamic, and caring instructors. All instructors have a masters degree in child development and have a true passion for teaching in new, adventurous ways to present our challenging curriculum. Their enthusiasm is a wonderful asset to our students, as learning is fun, effective, and engaging in our kindergarten classroom!


Optional Activities
and Athletic Clubs



Book Club


Science and Engineering

Handwriting Club

Board Game

Sensory Club


How to join our
kindergarten? Easy!

Healthy and tasty


Meals at IPW are run by Bluebar Catering –

Children receive 3 meals a day:

  • breakfast around 10 am,
  • lunch around 1 pm
  • and afternoon tea around 3:30 pm.

The meals are balanced, healthy, homemade. We have a „no sugar” policy,
We take into account all kinds of diets and needs of children.

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